Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chorizo and chickpea + tomato and green chili

  • Half a chopped chorizo in the pan with olive oil, just a bit. Crisp it up. Diced onions and carrots in. Turn the heat down. Cumin, paprika. Ten minutes of indecisiveness.
  • Big fresh tomatoes, chopped and in (lots). Big squeeze of tomato purée. Garlic, sugar, salt and pepper. The other half of a chopped chorizo. Sizzle for ten then add water. Let it bubble for an episode or two of your favourite series.
  • Add water if it catches. Add olive oil if it makes you happy.
  • When the consistency pleases you, add a tin of chick peas.
  • Slice some green chili for the top.

What did it taste like? Good, hearty, spicy, wholesome.

Tip: For the leftovers I fried up some onions fast and slow (I couldn’t decide if I wanted them fried or caramelised) with some sugar and spices, then cooked some little potatoes and popped it all in to join the gang. I was then able to feed a friend :)


  1. Done! Very enjoyable soup, nice and thick and chunky. I've put the photo on Facebook, but your photo is far more classy.
    The only problem I had with this recipe was that my favourite TV series was not showing, so I watched my favourite cycle of the washing machine instead. :-)

  2. You are blessed with boundless common sense! Glad you enjoyed :-)