Hello and welcome to a soup a week. Here you will find… a soup a week! All lovingly made by me :)

This website reflects the way I cook; I read, and watch and try things out. I rarely follow recipes to the letter and I am abysmal at measuring quantities. Of course, sometimes you need a detailed recipe, but sometimes you just need the gist and a little bit of faith.

So I've made a few notes for your interest and inspiration. I wanted to keep it short and simpleIf you choose to make the soup, I’m sure it will be greatplus it'll be your very own!

Please comment to let me know how your soup turned out. What did you do differently? Do you have suggestions or improvements? Or did I forget to mention something essential? If so, please let me know, I do not mean to be vague :)

And if you have an idea for a soup you'd like me to create,  I'd love to give it a go! Just leave a comment below.

1 comment:

  1. That's the way I cook too!!!

    No need to follow the recepies to the letter right???
    I guess if you put oignons, carots, fresh cream, salt and curry : that can only be good right as all the ingredients ARE good :)

    So I also do soups once a week and try to get better : as you I guess ! I could give tou me receipies if you want :)

    I will keeping looking at your site !