Week 6 Dhal/Soup Identity Crisis 

Week 7 Pea and Mint with Feta Fingers

Week 8 Pumpkin and Fennel with Weird Bacon


Week 9   Soupe Gratinée à l'Oignon (French Onion Soup, innit?)

Week 10 Thai Style Mussel and Coconut

Week 11 Watercress and Créme Fraîche

Week 12 Avgolemono

Week 13 Fresh Tomato with Double Sided Croûtons


Week 14 Cauliflower Cheese and Chive

Week 15 Muligatawny

Week 16 White Asparagus

Week 17 Beetroot with Goat's Cheese and Basil


Week 18 Chicken Fajita Soup!

Week 19 Spring Onion

Week 20 Prawn Hot and Sour

Week 21 Danger Soup


Week 22 London Particular

Week 23 African Peanut Soup

Week 24 Strawberry and White Peach with Sweet Basil Cream 

Week 25 Cucumber Soup with Mini Greek Salad 


Week 26 Chilled Red Pepper with Potato Croûtons

Week 27 Caesar Soup!

Week 28 Summer Minestrone

Week 29 Chilled Avocado with Mangetout and Bacon Crunch

Week 30 Pineapple and Mint with Pine Nuts and Honey


Week 31 Ajo Blanco (White Garlic Soup)
Week 32 Persian Yoghurt Soup

Week 33 Courgette and Corn Chowder with Bacon and Cheddar
Week 34 Gazpacho 


Week 35 Roasted Aubergine and Garlic with Lemon and Thyme

Week 36 Chicken and Green Olive

Week 37 Chinese Chicken Noodle

Week 38 Carrot and Coriander


Week 39 Miso

Week 40 Red Cabbage and Apple

Week 41 Butternut Squash

Week 42 Wild Mushroom with Garlic and Madeira

Week 43 Lobster Bisque


Week 44 Celeriac with Lemon and Parmesan

Week 45 Sausage and Savoy Cabbage

Week 46 Blackberry and Beaujolais

Week 47 Kulajda


Week 48 Garlic Soup in a Bread Bowl!

Week 49  Beef with Beer and Barley

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