Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beetroot and goat's cheese + basil

A deep-seated, beetrooted mood for purple food has come upon me.
  • Start with a roughly chopped red onion in olive oil. Let it colour with a bay leaf while you chop two cloves of garlic.
  • After ten minutes, get your garlic in and turn down the heat.
  • After another five or so add four cooked, hacked up beetroots
  • Let it all mingle then cover with veggie stock.
  • Bring to a gentle simmer and leave for a small moment until the garlic flavour has mellowed.
  • Whiz, adding water to achieve a silky smooth consistency.
  • Blend in 150g of Chèvre Doux. It's a mild, creamy cheese (and to help you on your shopping trip, it's made with pasturised goat's milk and cream, is 12% fat and of a spreadable consistency and comes in a little pot).
  • Season.
  • Serve with fresh, chopped basil.

What did it taste like? Amazing. What a great flavour combination. I am probably a genius.

Tip: It is very difficult to prepare beetroot without your kitchen looking like you have murdered someone in it. I am very lucky because my market sells cooked beetroot which you plonk into bags with the fork provided. At home, I covered my chopping board with a big sheet of grease-proof paper which I tucked underneath to hold it in place. I forked out my beets, scrapped off the skin with my knife and chopped. By the end of cooking, numerous red flecks will inevitably adorn you and your worktops, so don't wear white or your favourite frock.

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  1. Another one for my pot! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!