Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicken fajita soup!

  • Diced red onion goes into olive oil. There should be sizzling.
  • Add a hefty spoon of cumin (and some paprika if you wish) and keep the onions moving for seven minutes 49 seconds. 
  • Add chicken pieces, ensuring continued sizzling.
  • Once the chicken has coloured, get some diced peppers, tomato and grated garlic in.
  • Turn down, shake and season.
  • Put your choice of stock in to barely cover the ingredients. In fact, they should be rudely and abundantly poking above the surface of the liquid.
  • While it's getting up to a gentle boil, chop tomatoes, avocado, spring onion, green chili, and coriander.
  • When it tastes delicious, serve with the above plus sour cream (or if you live in France, crème fraîche) and grated, melty cheese (Cantal, if you are still in France).

What did it taste like? How can this combination of ingredients evoke anything other than brazen delight?

Tip: Make more than enough, you will become thoroughly and inconsolably depressed if there aren't any seconds.


  1. Looks amazing, I think I'm going to have a bash. (Does it come in an 'Old El Paso' kit?)

  2. Another enjoyable soup, although I should have chopped up the chicken pieces more finely, as my soup looked more like chicken stew. This soup was quite thin, and I find thin soups quite messy to eat (and they cannot be drunk when there are many bits in the soup). Do you have any hints on how to thicken soups? Anyway, this tasted authentic, with a good fajity flavour. Did you invent this recipe? I added a bit of tabasco sauce in my second bowl... very good. And to complete the experience I will wrap myself in a tortilla.