Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas dinner soup!

  • Prepare Yorkshire pudding batter and refridgerate.
  • Make your meatballs. Minced turkey, cranberries and sage, breadcrumbs, a bit of egg, lots of salt and pepper. Pan fry. Eat a few in solitude.
  • Quarter some sprouts and roast for twenty with salt and pepper and garlic if you wish.
  • Sing Christmas songs that you don't know the words to while peeling and chopping the carrots.
  • Get your best chicken stock on the heat. When gently bubbling, add the carrots.
  • Get your Yorkshires going.
  • Pop in your meatballs, and once everything's cooked, get your roasted sprouts in. 
  • Serve with Yorkshire puddings to dip.

What did it taste like? Christmassy and dinnery. Even the sprouts were good :)

  1. For Yorkshire puddings: First, mix flour and eggs. One egg to 100g flour. Maybe. When it's smooth, add milk gradually until you have a thin, yet cream-like consistency. Think pancake batter (it's the same!). Double the quantities for more. Leave in the fridge if possible for an hour or so. Just before you use, beat again and season HEAVILY with salt and pepper. Get your oven as hot as it will go, put a desert spoon of vegetable oil in each section of a muffin tin and when it's smoking, pour in batter to fill it a third. It should sizzle and splatter. Use something good for pouring for the batter, I suggest a jug. Keep the oven closed while you pour in the batter. Put the puddings in the oven and don't open for 15-20 minutes. They should rise into little crispy cups with irresistible interiors.
  2. To prepare your sprouts, peel off the outer layers, rinse, then snip off the stalk. 
  3. Once your carrots are peeled, hold one on a chopping board like a horizon. Hold your knife at a 45° angle to it, like one half of a roof to your carrot horizon (hello? Are you still with me?). Bring the knife down on the carrot, then turn your horizon a third and chop again. Keep doing this til the end; your carrot pieces should all be the same size.
  4. I used dried cranberries that I soaked in water overnight. I added some of the sweet water to the soup.
  5. I used proper chicken stock but added a live (jelly) chicken stock cube and some water to make it go further. It was delicious. I could have eaten it alone.

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