Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chilled avocado + bacon and mangetout crunch

Per person:
  • Whiz half a shallot, the juice of half a lemon and an avocado. Use more lemon/shallot if the planets are suitably aligned.
  • Add salt, half an optional small green chili and as much coriander as you have/feel like.
  • Pour in 250ml of the delicious vegetable stock you made for last week's minestrone.
  • Chop some raw mangetout and mix with some smoked crispy bacon.
  • Serve the soup chilled, with your crunch mixture. Hoorah!

What did it taste like? Guacamole! The addition of the crunch-mix adds essential texture so as not to feel like one is eating puréed dip (not that this should be at all frowned upon). Silky and delicious, with a very subtle spiciness. Heavenly combination.

  1. Cut your mangetout once lengthways, then chop into little pieces. 
  2. I used allumettes which are ready cut slivers of bacon, but you could use rashers then break them up after - this would increase the crunch-factor.

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