Sunday, July 8, 2012

Caesar Soup

  • Soften an onion in some olive oil. Then add chopped lettuce. I used three little gems as I couldn't find Romaine.
  • Season generously with salt and pepper then add a little water.
  • Once the greens have wilted, whizz with Parmesan and half the juice of a lemon.
  • Heat olive oil on a very gentle heat with fat slices of garlic and a couple of anchovies.
  • Once the anchovies have melted down into the oil (you must be patient) remove the garlic slices and turn up the heat (don't worry if the anchovy doesn't completely melt - it is a fish after all).
  • Chuck some cubes of bread into the pan and shake it like a polaroid picture.
  • Serve the soup with more Parmesan, the croûtons, and a drizzle of the garlic/anchovy oil.

What did it taste like? Yum! It had all the right flavours, but it did however lack the creaminess of a Ceasar salad - something which could be remedied with some sort of dressing on the top instead of the oil. I would also like to try it as an unwhizzed broth. To be experimented...

  1. Too-fresh bread is difficult to cut into cubes. Better if it's a bit old. I managed with fresh baguette though, so it's not the end of the world if you have to buy it on the day.
  2. I made too much oil, so removed some before getting the bread in. 
  3. Check your oil is hot enough for the croûtons by chucking in one or two cubes to test.
  4. Don't take photos of your soup - croûtons are not very patient and become soggy during photoshoots. If you insist on taking photos, use professsional croûtons or make an abundance of amateur ones as back-up


  1. Went easy on the seasoning and adjusted it gently but it still lacked a little something. Added a dribble of the anchovy oil and voila! Lovely, fresh-tasting and light.

    I wonder if a slightly toasted walnut crushed into it might be an idea . . . maybe next time